The mission of OnStand is to provide information and entertainment for hunters, gun owners, fishermen, and anyone interested in the pursuit of fish and game or the shooting sports. In light of that, our goal is to emphasize, and occasionally examine, our traditions and heritage, and see what they have to tell us about our world and ourselves. Finally, as “the sportsman’s watchdog,” we continually seek and focus our attention on those values, concepts, techniques, skills, companies, products, and political climate we think our readers want and need to know about, both good and bad. In one way or another, we are always on stand.

Daniel D. Lamoreux
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

About Dan:
Dan brings many years of professional writing and publication experience to OnStand. As OnStand’s editor-in-chief, Dan provides editorial directions as well as creative leadership. His current and previously published articles, columns, and newsletters are known for in-depth news analysis and commentary.

Dan’s publishing credits, photography, and other products and information can be found on the Master Hunter Products website.

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