Nebraska Joins the Compact

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Well, it is now official. As of November 7, 2017 the State of Nebraska became the 46th state to become a member. Here is their webpage about this transition. It starts like this:

The Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact is an agreement that recognizes suspension of hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses in the 46 states that are members of the compact. This means that anyone whose license privileges or rights are suspended in any member state may also be suspended in all other member states.

The page also lists the benefits of the program, shows a map and list of member states, answers Frequently Asked Questions, and gives a contact for further questions.

I simply want to add one thought…

This represents just one more example of why we do not need a federal agency to deal with fish and wildlife management in this country. The purpose of the Fed is theoretically to address those issues that the States are incapable of addressing on their own. It is obvious that the States are quite capable of handling wildlife issues on a cooperative basis.

That’s the view from here…

Author: Daniel D. Lamoreux

As an outdoor writer and freelance photographer, Dan's publishing credits include articles and/or photographs in more than 40 state, regional and national publications and he has authored three books. His expertise on the subject matter has been developed from over 40 years experience pursuing the outdoor sports.

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  1. Go Big Red! (ha! ha! ha!) Wish it was funny. This is awesome news Dan’l. Glad to see my state become a part of it…wish it wouldn’t have taken them so long. Feds…we don’ need no steenkin Feds!

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