Never Ending Court Battles


We’ve been told in the past that no one wants to take away our “hunting guns,” the reality is that no style of firearm is truly protected by the Second Amendment in our modern society. Our Constitution being classified as a “living document” guarantees that our rights will be under assault at all times until they have been extinguished.

That being said, today’s highlighted story shows that there are at least a few in authority who will still go to bat for the citizens of this nation. 21 States’ AGs Defend Second Amendment Rights is the title of this story and it starts like this:

Twenty-one state Attorneys General have filed a joint amici curiae, or “friends of the court,” brief supporting the petitioning of the U.S. Supreme Court by plaintiffs, including the National Shooting Sports Foundation, to take up Kolbe v. Hogan, the case in which the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals decided Maryland could ban semi-automatic modern sporting rifles on grounds they are “like” firearms in use by the military.

While I have a real problem with the entire concept of “court precedent” being a guide in ruling on points of law, in this particular instance we have a prior ruling that holds in favor of the right to keep and bear arms. If you’re interested in reading more about the Heller case noted in this article you can do so here.

The case of Kolbe v Hogan, which is the subject of the Attorneys General petition is explained in more detail here.

The bottom line in this issue is that gun owners and patriots need understand that we cannot sleep. The battle will not be ending any time soon.

That’s the view from here.

Author: Daniel D. Lamoreux

As an outdoor writer and freelance photographer, Dan's publishing credits include articles and/or photographs in more than 40 state, regional and national publications and he has authored three books. His expertise on the subject matter has been developed from over 40 years experience pursuing the outdoor sports.

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