Caffeine and Cordite: Black Rifle Coffee and Other Veteran-Owned Companies


Confession: I have multiple addictions: capsaicin, cordite, caffeine. The infamous 3 C’s. They have much in common…a topic for another article. But for now, the caffeine.

And yes, glory be, I’m back on caffeine. Mainly because of these guys:

Those guys are, of course, Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) in case you haven’t exited the bunker in a while. BRCC is a veteran-owned, largely veteran-staffed company that is pro-2A and takes their coffee seriously. Very seriously. As in, they’re the Noveske of coffee.


I had stopped drinking coffee for a while. I had given away the Keurig and hadn’t bothered replacing it, but business trips in hotels with free morning coffee reminded me how I did miss that morning cup. Uh, those morning cups. And occasional evening cups. ┬áThe pre-workout coffee. Irish Coffee…

One day I ran across the above video somewhere on the internets which reminded me about all of the good coffee does: wakes you up; cheers you up; injects some umph into your situational awareness so you can effectively deal with jihadists who appear in your hallway at work. And perhaps most importantly: coffee, clearly, makes you funnier. To wit: Couple guys in the break room at work in the morning. One has a man bun and a hemp tunic and is sipping his nonfat green chai feminine product; the other sports something close to the scalp, or a long, Grizzly Adams mane, and is tossing back scalding joe.

Vegas odds on who has the better sense of humor…let us know in the comments.

But the coffee. I ordered some beans. They arrived post-haste. I ground those beans, and dumped fresh, aromatic grounds into an old camping percolator. Seventeen minutes and one hot stove top later, I lifted a hot mug to my cool and collected mug.

The coffee was legit.

The older I get, the more I try to vote with whatever dollars I have to vote with, and that is what this article is really about. BRCC’s CEO, Evan Hafer, is committed to hiring 10,000 vets over the next 6 years as he grows and expands the company. Another free-market solution by warriors, for warriors…and that also benefits everyone else.

You buy coffee anyway. So buy theirs…especially if you like your humor as dark as your morning brew.

Here are a few more veteran-owned and staffed companies that get my money or soon will be. They should get yours too:

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