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I received a news release the other day from Texas Parks & Wildlife (TPWD) that is certainly deserving of your attention.

“‘Take Me Fishing 101’ Video Series Prepares New Anglers for Outdoor Adventure”:http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/newsmedia/releases/?req=20090618b is the title and it starts like this:

_A new “how-to” video series from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department walks novice anglers through everything they need to know to get started in a sport that often is seen as a gateway to the great outdoors._

_The 11-segment “Take Me Fishing 101″ series is hosted on the TPWD Web site and also on the department’s YouTube channel, and it is believed to be the first-ever, comprehensive instructional fishing series created by a state fish and game conservation agency._

I am often leery of this type of production. All too often, there is a political agenda that detracts from the educational value and instead turns the piece into social engineering.

In this case, that concern is unfounded. My hat goes off to TPWD. They did a good job sticking to the mission of education, made it entertaining, and kept it short.

_Though prospective fishermen are able to view the “Take Me Fishing 101″ video series for free online, the information the video segments contain is invaluable. From picking out a simple tackle selection to casting instruction, from water safety to cleaning your catch, the “Take Me Fishing 101″ video series covers all the basics and prepares new anglers to tackle their newfound sport with confidence. The video series is comprised of 11 segments: 1 — Getting Started: Fishing Resources, 2 — Safe Fishing, 3 — Basic Gear Assembly, 4 — Tackle Box and Supplies, 5 — Baits and Lures, 6 — Casting, 7 — Don’t Mess With Texas Fish, 8 — Freshwater Fishing, 9 — Saltwater Fishing, 10 — Fishing With Kids, 11 — Clean and Store Your Catch._

“_This video series is geared to new and novice anglers,” Miller said. “We’re really striving to just hit the basics — to give someone the information they need to get started, but not bog them down with too much information. But, what they learn by watching this video series will enable them to gain additional information by tapping into other resources, both online and in their communities.”_

I took the time to view all 11 segments and I found them enjoyable. The only segment I thought fell short was the final segment, “Clean and Store Your Catch”. In my not-so-humble opinion I thought they should have left the camera on the knife throughout the video in order to better illustrate the instruction.

Other than that — I’d recommend this series for any new fisherman or potential new fisherman.

I particularly enjoyed the segment, “Fishing With Kids”, and *that* is what this is all about!

Nicely done, folks!

Watch the video series and then get out on the water. It is going to be a glorious weekend!!

Author: Daniel D. Lamoreux

As an outdoor writer and freelance photographer, Dan's publishing credits include articles and/or photographs in more than 40 state, regional and national publications and he has authored three books. His expertise on the subject matter has been developed from over 40 years experience pursuing the outdoor sports.

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