Natural v. Industrial

I found an interesting article that has been added to my “Food For Thought” file. I’d like to share it.

“Chemical compounds found in whale blubber are from natural sources, not industrial contamination”: is the title and it starts like this:

_Chemicals found in whale blubber, and initially suspected of being from industrial sources, have turned out to be naturally occurring, raising questions about the accumulation of both natural and industrial compounds in marine life._

Previously, these particular chemicals were thought to be derived from flame retardants.

I’m certain you have seen the many recent headlines about flame retardant contamination and the dire predications for our planet based upon this industrial contamination.

Well — as it turns out, this particular “contamination” was from natural sources.

_Since the team’s findings show that very similar chemical compounds are made by humans and naturally by many plants and animals, Teuten and Reddy say many more questions need to be answered._

No more comment for the moment. Just food for thought…

Author: Daniel D. Lamoreux

As an outdoor writer and freelance photographer, Dan's publishing credits include articles and/or photographs in more than 40 state, regional and national publications and he has authored three books. His expertise on the subject matter has been developed from over 40 years experience pursuing the outdoor sports.

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